November 23, 2020

Alianza Congratulates Brazilian Agencies and Government Authorities for Leading the Largest Search and Seizure Operation Against Content Piracy in Latin America

“Operation 404.2” brings down network of illegal providers of streaming on-demand content and IPTV resellers that reached more than 26 million users

MIAMI, FL, November 19, 2020 – The Alianza Contra Piratería de Televisión Paga (“Alianza”) today announced the successful results of the second phase of Operation 404, the largest scale enforcement operation against content piracy that has ever been carried out in Latin America. A total of 25 judicial search and seizure warrants across ten Brazilian states were served, and 252 websites and 65 streaming applications, that illegally transmitted films, series, television programs, sports, and other copyrighted content, were either blocked or suspended. It is estimated that the network reached more than 26 million users.

The operation took place across Brazil on Thursday, November 5, under the coordination of Brazil’s Secretariat of Integrated Operations (SEOPI) at Brazil’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MoJPS), with the objective of repressing crimes committed against intellectual property distributed illegally on the Internet. The warrants were carried out in Brazilian states Bahia, Ceará, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Santa Catarina, and São Paulo.

The effort is the result of a tight collaboration between the government and the private sector, bringing together anti-piracy teams from Alianza, through its members including SKY Brasil, NAGRA, and the Brazilian Pay TV Telecom Association (ABTA), as well as the Motion Picture Association (MPA), and others, whose investigations generated most of the information and intelligence used in support of the operation carried out by authorities.

One of the main targets of the anti-piracy operation included a pirate IPTV infrastructure and criminal operation that masked itself as a legitimate business, boasting more than 20 employees, as well as 38 streaming servers, more than 3,200 live channels, 3,000 movies, and 300 TV shows. This pirate infrastructure served over 727,000 users and generated approximately USD 18 Million annually.

The first phase of the program, carried out in 2019, featured more than 300 takedowns, including 210 illegal websites and 100 illegal applications.

“These efforts are a direct result of the close collaboration between Alianza and its members, agencies, and government officials in Brazil. Our investigations and intelligence can only get us so far, so it’s critical for local governments to continue placing more focus on the issue, evolve intellectual property laws, and take advantage of the resources we have,” mentioned Javier Figueras, President of Alianza. “We will continue in our efforts in forging relationships with other content players in the entertainment industry as well as government officials across Latin America, and we welcome them to join this alliance to address our common goals.”

The unauthorized broadcast, cablecast or satellite delivery of content, including the unauthorized retransmission of broadcast signals over the Internet, has been a long-standing problem for the entertainment industry. The registered losses from piracy are valued in the billions of U.S. dollars, impacting the industry’s ability to create, the quality of future content, and the growth of the entire marketplace. The prevalence and impact of piracy has been proven to trickle down, impacting local economies through reduced jobs, governments through lack of taxation, and consumers by compromising their personal identifiable information.

Alianza has been fighting piracy for years, exploring different ways to protect creators, content consumers, governments, and economies. The organization continually combats online video piracy through shared intelligence, monitoring, investigation and enforcement actions, legislative and regulatory initiatives, technical countermeasures, training, and raising awareness about the effects it has on the industry.

The participating members of ALIANZA include ABTA, CDF, DIRECTV Latin America, Discovery, Disney Globo, HBO Latin America, LaLiga, NAGRA, SKY Brasil, Telecine, Turner, and WinSports.