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    Always-On Security: Session-Based Watermarking and Trusted Screening Solutions Security Ebook

    Session-based forensic watermarking can deter unauthorized distribution and provide for a level of accountability for anyone with access to that content, at any point in its lifecycle. Learn how the Vision Media-NAGRA collaborative solution, embraced by clients such as The Hollywood Reporter, wraps that technology within a framework of trusted business services to provide always-on […]

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    Why Netflix and Other Streamers are Cracking Down on Password Sharing

    Streaming services such as Netflix and HBO Max are taking a harder line on password sharing.

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    Piracy Has No Boundaries: Protecting Revenue Streams in the Era Of PVOD

    The economic damage of PVOD piracy to businesses is real. Tens of billions of dollars of content value are disappearing every year. In this Ebook, you will get the latest facts and figures and find out how content owners can address the piracy issue with a focused anti-piracy action plan.

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    Operation 404 in Brazil: LAAPIP Interview with Willy De Assis

    Great conversation with our security experts Willy De Assis and Francisco Escutia on the global impact and importance of Operation 404 in Brazil. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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    Radio Televisione Italiana (RAI) Adopts NAGRAs’ NexGuard Watermarking Solution to Combat Restreaming Piracy

    Radio Televisione Italiana (RAI) has become the first significant Free To Air (FTA) public services broadcaster to adopt forensic watermarking to protect against content piracy in the streaming age.

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  • M&E Industry Call To Action: Your Most Valuable Asset Is Under Siege.

    Here we offer our insights on the current state of piracy, the pandemic’s impact on the media and entertainment industry and consumer behavior, address the increase in piracy in online screening for virtual cinema and early release windows, and examine how the industry is working to address all of these challenges.

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    The Evolution of Content Piracy: Challenges, Solutions and What’s Next?

    The events over the past year have completely changed the way content is consumed. As stay-at-home orders were initiated across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for quality and diverse in-home entertainment skyrocketed in parallel.

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    M&E Journal: An Insiders Look at the Billion-Dollar Pirate Subscription IPTV Business

    When looking into the ever-evolving and growing world of IPTV piracy, it is difficult to fully grasp what it means when a recent investigative report, “Money for Nothing: The Billion Dol-lar Pirate Subscription IPTV Business,” found that the “business” of illegal piracy subscription services has grown to a $1 billion problem in the U.S. alone.

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  • On-demand webinar.

    Content piracy in the post-COVID-19 era: The evolving threat and how to fight it.

    In this DTVE Digital Symposium session, NAGRA joins experts from operator beIN MEDIA GROUP and research powerhouse Omdia to address the tools available to industry players in the battle against piracy.

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    How sport rights owners can secure their premium content with NexGuard forensic watermarking

    Piracy is a common and growing problem for the pay-TV industry, fuelled by the rapid uptake of streaming devices. NAGRA’s own research estimates that about 10% of the media industry revenue is lost to piracy. Urgent actions are required to reduce the impact of piracy for video service providers worldwide.

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    Now Showing on Screen #1; Highly Secure Content.

    Our session at the Bitmovin Live event in March focused on Eventive, the leading virtual cinema platform, and why they chose to protect every film on their platform with the brand new forensic watermarking solution provided by NAGRA and Bitmovin.

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    Bitmovin Live: Higher security streams with forensic watermarking ft. NAGRA & Eventive

    Watch the Bitmovin Live panel to hear from special guest, Eventive, the leading virtual cinema platform and first customer to implement this solution, on why they chose to protect every film on their platform.

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    Expert Series on the risks associated with pirated content

    NAGRA partnered with Stream Safely to create three educational (and entertaining) short videos to raise awareness about the risk associated with piracy and pirated content.

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    Secure Content with Forensic Watermarking

    Watch our recordings from the webinar with our very own Gabriel Cantin, Product Director and Julien Mandal, Contribution Segment Manager discuss how forensic watermarking can help deter and combat piracy.

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  • Digital TV research estimate that $26.6B was lost in 2016 and this is likely to extend to $51.6B in 2022.

    - Tim Pearson, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Nagra


    Why securing linear content can ensure you keep your investment in pole position

    How can content producers and distributors quickly identify which licensee’s TV channels and territories are the targets of today’s pirates?

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  • Case Study

    “From Oscar Winner to Oscar Protector”

    To control piracy and content leaks, the Academy leveraged NAGRA NexGuard Streaming as part of an end-to- end security solution for its streaming platform, Academy Screening Room.

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    Forensic watermarking is a significant breakthrough for the Academy, as well as for the entire film industry.

    - Bev Kite, Chief Information Officer, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

  • "The Kudelski Group has been a valuable partner in the fight against piracy on a global level."

    - Head of Content Protection, Canal+ Group, Celine Boyer

    Case Study

    Swiss content pirates shut down in multi-agency raid.

    When Canal+ Group realized that 77,000 TV episodes and 7,000 movies from their catalogue were being syphoned off by KBoxServ and streamed to tens of thousands of KBoxServ subscribers there was not a lot of strong recourse available due to the Swiss media laws of the time.

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  • White Paper

    Digital Citizens Alliance – Money for Nothing

    This report brings into focus lesser known aspects of the pirate subscription IPTV ecosystem, examining infrastructure, supply chain, revenues and profit margins, as well as ad-financed pirate IPTV service business models. It also raises alarms about how piracy poses personal and financial risks to consumers, from malware spread through pirate apps to distribution of unlawful […]

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    At over $1 billion, so-called pirate subscription Internet Protocol Television (PS IPTV) services represent a large - and lucrative - illicit U.S. industry.

    - NAGRA Kudelski

  • In the U.S. alone, pirate subscription IPTV Services generate subscription revenues of $1 billion annually.

    - Digital Citizens Alliance


    Piracy Statistics Revealed

    Pirate subscription IPTV service providers pay nothing for the programming they operate with estimated profit margins ranging from 56% (retailers) to 85% (wholesalers).

    The typical wholesaler makes a yearly profit of over $1,345,200 and the average retailer earns yearly profit of over $335,000, according to researcher estimates.

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    See How NAGRA Secures Your Content

    Fighting piracy today on the scale we see today takes a mix of technical, legal and enforcement action. And for businesses to retain subscribers and protect profitability, they need to take active coordinated steps.

    At NAGRA, we call this ‘defeating piracy through active security’. Using proven technology and services, we work with industry players, to mark, monitor, track, identify and trace content in real-time.

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    Over 20 years of experience protecting the business models of media industry worldwide.

    - NAGRA

  • According to research firm Deloitte, global premium sports rights alone will be worth USD 17 billion in 2017, a 12% year over year increase.

    - Deloitte

    Case Study

    Coalition Fights Together – Are You a Part of This?

    IBCAP – International Broadcasters Coalition Against Piracy – With the evolution of consumer technologies and services, most piracy has shifted to the Internet, accelerating its growth and making pirated content accessible to more people. Content owners, creators and distributors, who would have benefited from an increase in paid viewing, are losing out on huge amounts of revenue.

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  • Product Sheet

    Nexguard Forensic Watermarking for Pay TV-Operators – ​Without This Your Risk-Exposure is Huge​

    Piracy is a growing problem for content owners and pay-TV operators, given the ease with which pirated content can be promoted, distributed and illicitly streamed over the internet. This is of particular concern for premium video-on-demand (VOD) and live sport services.

    In order to fight commercial piracy, it is important to be able to determine the source of a content leak quickly and efficiently, so that effective anti-piracy …

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    NexGuard forensic watermarking solutions are optimized to enable an automated process with turnaround time of just a few minutes.

    - NAGRA

  • Content and Service Piracy has and will continue to be a major issue for content owners and operators suggest this has been heightened further by the recent Covid-19 outbreak.

    - TVB Europe


    Content Piracy: Is it a Game of Whack-a-Mole or Collaborative Cat and Mouse?

    NAGRA’s Tim Pearson argues that the content industry needs to collaborate in order to defeat piracy – that includes content owners, operators and even governments.

    Consumers hunt down content that they’ve had recommended to them via social media, influencer videos or referrals at a pace that would put Sherlock Holmes to shame. But this voracious hunt for content has also changed the…

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