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Video and Audio Forensic Watermarking Solutions​

Can you trace those who steal your content?
We can enable you with your own traitor-tracing solution.​


What's the scale of your content theft?

How well equipped are you to traitor-trace your content theft leaks?

  • Pre-Release Content

    NexGuard forensic watermarks can be embedded at any point in the content production lifecycle and contribution/distribution chain.

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  • Pay-TV Operators​

    NexGuard forensic watermarks are used by major Pay-TV operators to deter and combat piracy – particularly for premium VOD and live sports.​

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  • Direct-to-Consumer Services​

    NexGuard forensic watermarks can be applied at a consumer session and device level to pinpoint the source of leaks.​

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  • Digital Cinema

    NexGuard forensic watermarks can be applied by projectors within a movie theatre. Why not join over 200,000 theatre screens worldwide that are already equipped with NexGuard Technology?​

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Protect yourself from content theft

Let us help you review how forensic watermarking can help you protect against content theft and enable traitor-tracing.

Our team of experts will

  • Help you create the business case for forensic watermarking
  • Guide on the best approach for studio compliance
  • Explain how forensic watermarking will allow you to traitor-trace
  • Show through a range of use-cases how service providers like you are winning against the pirates
  • For pre-release customers, understand how simple it is to integrate our solutions into your workflow